Techniques of Lingam massage

Lingam massage

If you want your beloved man to feel himself in the seventh sky of pleasure, learn how to make Lingam massage technique. The mystery of this unique massage of Lingam is the gradual and very slow impact techniques of female hands on male erogenous zones and relieving stress. The main thing in this Lingam technique – is absolute calm and incredibly slow pace. The purpose of this Lingam massage is not an indispensable male orgasm in the usual sense for us. Ejaculation may not accompany the final techniques of Lingam.

The purpose of Lingam

We live day by day and feel tension. People need a massage for relieving stress, especially Lingam massage. Sometimes a man and a woman face with a difficult period, when to preserve love people need to diversify their intimate life. Sexual energy from massage allows you to refresh the relationship. For these purposes Lingam massage is the best one.

To give the relationship depth and freshness, try a unique technique of relieving stress by massage, named Lingam, which will not only bring physical pleasure, but also greatly improve the health of a man. Also, thanks to this massage, it is possible to get relaxation, which cannot be compared with any other techniques. During Lingam massage your partner will feel himself like in paradise.



Lingam massage


Techniques of the Lingam

So what is Lingam? What does it mean - Lingam massage? Where did this Lingam symbol come from. Many people believe that the Lingam is identical to the word phallus. Although, in reality, this Lingam concept has a more deep meaning. This word describes a passive male energy, which is set in motion under the influence of female energy. The literal translation of Lingam is the rod of light.

Therefore, the task of a woman in the techniques of this love massage for relieving stress, named Lingam, is dominant and consists in finding points of contact with the male essence. Every man will get a lot of satisfaction during Lingam massage. Wake him up, give the partner maximum pleasure due to Lingam, and give a moment of true happiness after using such a massage. The Lingam massage will help to release not only physical energy man but the creative energy, due to its techniques.


Lingam massage


How to massage Lingam

If you want to make Lingam techniques, - relax yourself, take a bath before starting to make a massage in such unique techniques. Let your man also rest and relax before the Lingam techniques. Try to disconnect your mind from everyday problems and difficulties, feel Lingam, and let yourself almost fall asleep while relieving stress. Now only sensations, only deep manipulations during the process of massage have to appear between you and your partner. Start to caress each other, kiss and hug. Tune in to the wave of absolute trust and love before making massage.

The next step for preparing to massage of Lingam and relieving stress is the location of partners for the massage techniques ritual. To do this in Lingam means that man lays comfortably on his back, under the head is placed a small cushion or pillow. The second roller while making Lingam is put under the hips of the partner, to be massage. The genitals are open during the techniques of Lingam massage.


Lingam massage

The girl at this time of massage, called Lingam, is situated between the legs of her lover and starts to make massage techniques. She begins to breathe slowly with her partner while massaging in Lingam techniques and relieving stress. Then, the girl continues to make massage techniques for relieving stress and gets the grease water based cream on its hands and harmoniously begins to stroke and caress the body of a man with massage movements. In Lingam massage it goes from one zone to another. These zones in Lingam include the legs, abdomen, thighs, upper body of the man.

The next step of the massage techniques for relieving stress will be direct techniques contact with the penis of a man. The woman puts grease on the trunk of the Lingam and testicles. Softly, she massages every inch of the bodies of her partner. All you need in massage to perform it as carefully as possible, no sudden movements in techniques! Then, the girl's hand discreetly move to the crotch area in the Lingam massage. The point that is between the anus and the testicles is incredibly sensitive and Lingam can bring a man to a great pleasure at the end of massage.

Then, while executing Lingam massage again, return to the massage of the trunk. Control the speed techniques for relieving stress and intensity of strokes in the process of massage of the penis. First, the girl strokes the man's body from top to bottom, then the direction of Lingam movement of her hands changes. When her hand touches in Lingam the base of the penis, she has to make a small compression in this place and continue these techniques.

Then there comes the time in Lingam massage for relieving stress and massage the head of the Lingam, which will bring to a man real relieving stress. The girl needs to take it in hand and gently stroke. This area is particularly sensitive, so in any case should not be allowed strong influences.

During this massage for relieving stress the state of penis will change after using such techniques and become from solid to soft and vice versa. Such changes will allow receiving long-playing feelings as the purpose of massage of a Lingam is not a fast and bright orgasm. The main thing in this process of massage for man is to get the maximum relieving stress and pleasure.

When a woman begins to feel that her partner is close to ejaculation, she stops Lingam techniques and allow the man to cool down a little from its techniques. And then the massage will continue again.

As a result of series of techniques for relieving stress and delayed ejaculations in Lingam, as well as extraordinary relaxation, woman will give her partner unique massage and unforgettable pleasure with Lingam.