Penis massage - How to

Penis massage - How to

Every woman knows a secret to a man’s heart. And no, it is not a food. It is penis massage. Now all good girls should say us “bye bye” and go away, because real woman who wanna improve potency and increase a testosterone join the game and does penis massage usually.

Make that

Ordinary sex is not the one technique for relieving stress as well as massage for a man. But all techniques for that aim connected with a penis, anyway. Yes, man’s penis is the most sensitive erogenous zone, which could not only improve potency and help in relieving stress but open new bright feelings. It is great when woman knows how to give unbelievable sensations with her hands, tits or full body while doing penis massage to a man. Moreover, in accordance with statistical data, families, where wife usually does penis massage or fellatio aimed for relieving stress techniques, are 80% happier and stronger than without it.

Many people confused with penis massage and oral sex but it is not the same thing. Best situation, when massage will be finished with penis massage. But it’s not a rule. Many men could not endure with ejaculation while massage is over. It depends on woman’s skills in enhance of testosterone.

Another side of a medal is women excitement and her desire to give a pleasure via penis massage. When she fully goes into a process of relieving stress, excites by herself, moans and feels sexy during techniques of penis massage, it will bring unforgettable feelings to her man.


Techniques of penis massage

Important rule for penis massage techniques is using of oil. It could be lubricant or edible oil. Of course special facilities will bring more pleasure for a man and his penis. Woman will be pleasant by it too if decides to lick a penis after techniques of massage to improve potency and testosterone.

Standard scheme, when she does massage with hands only. Techniques with smooth movements from the base of penis to the top will help relieving stress of a hard day, improve potency, move a testosterone up and man’s imagine into sex theme. Play with rhythm and speed of movements but not sharp to not scare testosterone level. Be careful, cause one unexpected sharp move can stop releasing of testosterone. And on the contrary, pure moves by the penis could bring testosterone to high level.

Don’t be shy

Play with tits and penis while implementing techniques of penis massage. Put it into boobs, compress between and start move penis slowly. You should not use hands for holding penis, but tits. It looks perfect and gives visual pleasure for a man. Even if your size is not enough for that massage, try move penis around nipple and it will be a good job for testosterone too.

Woman can use every part of her body to enhance a testosterone and improve potency of a man. Rub the booty around the man, use feet, hair. But the most relieving stress techniques are by hands. Cause with it you can feel man’s testosterone and how goes improve potency.

Go around a man penis with one or both hands from a base to dickhead but without touch penis end. Penis massage should be passion but smooth and excitement should increase slowly.

For better relieving stress while techniques of penis massage could be used techniques from classic massage. Start from a back and shoulders, then use techniques of massage legs and feet. Touching man with boobs will help to increase testosterone and man will not forget that this is an erotic massage. After that kind of stress relieving you can go to penis massage.