Japanese massage techniques for relieving stress

Japanese massage techniques rightbody

No one will argue with the fact that stress has become a disaster of the twenty-first century and it is very harmful to health. In Japanese massage techniques have been created that allows you to relieving stress, calm your nerves and get rid of anxiety in a few minutes.

Fatigue and depletion of the body, plus the constant load is very harmful to our body. It seems that now stress has become commonplace, not calm and health. To relieve fatigue and relieving stress, we recommend using a Japanese massage.

In techniques of Japanese massage, special importance is attached not only to different parts of the body, but also to the fingers. Each of Japanese massage techniques is considered to be associated with one of the emotions or feelings and this help in relieving stress.

It is believed that pressing or massage points can alleviate various types of pain and relieving stress.

If you put one hand on the other and squeeze them for a few seconds in Japanese massage, you can remove the negative from your life (including certain pains or illnesses caused by toxic relationships) and get relieving stress.

To better understand this mechanism of Japanese massage techniques in relieving stress, before embarking on massage, we will get acquainted with the characteristics, and then we will study the techniques.

  • Thumb: Anxiety, nerves and relieving stress.
  • Index: Fears.
  • Middle: Irritation and anger.
  • Ring: Depression, sadness and indecision.
  • Little: Pessimism, weakness and anxiety

The explanation of the effectiveness of techniques Japanese massage is based on the fact that the nerves are connected to the brain, more precisely, to the area that is responsible for the emotions and it help relieving stress.

In Japanese massage techniques we press the fingers of the left hand to the palm and impose on them the fingers of the right hand.

Then click on the finger that corresponds to your problem. For example, in case of stress, click on the thumb. Do it for 30 seconds, then rest for 30 seconds. You can repeat Japanese massage techniques whenever you want.

Japanese massage will improve your life and relieving stress

Another variant of influencing the emotions was developed in the Japanese massage techniques Jean Shin Jitsu (translated as “the art of happiness”).

Japanese massage is made in accordance with the problems that a person experiences. The thumb corresponds to concern, the forefinger to fears, the middle one to anger, the nameless one to sadness, and the little finger to dissatisfaction.

Take one of the hands and take a finger that fits the situation.

Within a few minutes, we massage the two phalanges with the thumb and forefinger of the other hand; the fingers in the Japanese massage techniques should be closed. Having finished working with one hand, we repeat the exercise with the other hand. This help relieving stress.

These techniques of the Japanese massage help not only relieving stress and get rid of emotional problems, but also for all sorts of pain and health problems. The following problems correspond to different fingers:

Thumb: Stomach and spleen, headache and stomach pain, skin problems.
Index: Kidney and bladder, muscle aches, digestive problems.
Middle: Gall bladder and liver, menstrual pain, headache, vision problems, problems with blood circulation, fatigue.
Ring: Rectum and lungs, indigestion, breathing problems (especially asthma).
Little: Heart and intestines, problems with bones.


These Japanese massage techniques help relieve discomfort caused by stress, such as stiffness in the shoulders and back. Massage consists in pressing on specific points of the body, each of which is connected with the nervous system and some organ.

Japanese shiatsu massage reduces tension and awakens energy. Techniques also help eliminate toxins from the body, regulate blood pressure, reduce anxiety and help fight sleep disorders.